Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Wobbles

The Wobbles

A case of the Home Ed wobbles can come from many things. Someone screaming, or worse quietly telling you that you are wrong/rubbish/dumb/breaking the law. A bad day or a bad week with your kids. Being sick yourself and just feeling overwhelmed. A partner who isn't pulling their weight.
Or just sometime a paralysing moment of "I'm just not enough".

Being told you are a bad parent (in however they word it) is going to be offensive and upsetting. You are allowed to be upset. You do not have to "fake" smiley happy Mum/Dad all the time.
Remember that most criticisms is not about you at all.

That everyone is allowed to have bad days, even you. 

Even your kids.

If you are trying to "do" too much cut back or make time for quieter less intense learning.

If people who are supposed to help are not, call a family meeting or have a heartfelt but calm chat with them.

Make time for yourself and make sure you take it guilt free.

Meditate everyday if you can (or pray) and allow yourself that connection to that peace (even if it is in the bathroom).

Remember to laugh. Have fun with home education as often as you can.

If you are new at it, it is going to be tough because you've never done this before! (I have some tips here) and even veterans have bad days. Confidence and a sense of humor are the way forward.

Home education is far too important to be taken seriously.

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