Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Around the Kitchen Table

Around the Kitchen Table.

Home education happens everywhere. In markets and museums and in woods and near rivers. It happens when you work at it and it happens when you don't.

In our house (a tiny early 20th century terrace) we don't have the luxury of a play room, a den or a "school" room (though I am not sure we would use it as that if we did. A workshop/craft room perhaps?
No in our house it is the kitchen where science experiments, and project builds (crowns and boats), write, discuss, paint, sculpt and a hundreds of other things happen. (We even eat at it at least twice a day.)
We have made "human" cells out of jelly and sweets (sounds awesome but it tasted gross). Tried making Viking and Anglo-Saxon foods.Washed, chopped and eaten food we grew ourselves. Discussed history, geography, chemistry, botany, world events, life, death, slug-sex, and played many games. 

Made our own seasonal decorations. Sushi. Bread from scratch. Chinese dumplings. In fact from Day of the Dead to  St Davids day after we finish exploring the the world it is to the kitchen we all settle.
Even my daughter's height is marked on the door frame between the kitchen and the living room.
It's were we have most of our family meetings and where we catch up on what we have been doing separately.
Sometimes we eat fancy stuff, but mostly we just make it to please ourselves.
Letting things cool enough to eat them is still a work in progress. Still it is my favourite spot. It could be cleaner and flashier and all sorts of other things. Yet I love our kitchen, especially around our table.

Home education is far too important to be taken seriously.

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