Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sample Letters (humour)

Sample Letters (humour)

Feel free to use at your own discretion.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your threatening letter. It is such a comfort that in these difficult times you found the time to make wild judgments, serious accusations and fear-mongering remarks with a small spattering of legal comments to hide your fathoms of ignorance to my child/ren's education. I especially enjoy these because this is our first contact proving that you would much rather fear, bully and pressure someone back into a class room who shouldn't be there than actually care about the educational welfare of said child.
The education I provide does not require a certain number of hours. There is no curriculum for home education. The law states only that it be full time, and appropriate. I, me, the parent decide that.
In the spirit of kindness let me educate you for a moment.
Home education is a wildly eclectic term for a vast array of different educational techniques and ideologies.
They might be un-schooling, forest schooling, wild schooling, project learning, using the Charlotte Mason method, or Montessori, or any mix of these. None of these are wrong, or illegal. All of them are educational.
Most families coming out of the school system require de-school, a healing process for the trauma of school and it's systems. It can take months or even years. Don't worry the kids are still learning in this time, it just doesn't look like mainstream education.
Guess what? It doesn't have to!
Had you any knowledge of home education, or alternative learning you would know that these exist and valid and healthy alternatives to school.
So let me reassure you my child is receiving full time education in a variety of learning methods. If you wanted more details all you had to do was ask, politely.
You have set the tone with which you would like to communicate. Your schooling is showing. We as a family do not respond well to bullying and you might want to look at your behaviour. No gold stars for you this week! When you decide to be civil we will respond like-wise,
Your sincerely

free-range parent

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