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Research, Resources and Links

In our home education journey the adult should be learning as much as the kids!
I like to study, read and play. In no particular order here are somethings you might find interesting.

Back in the day I didn't even know facebook home education groups existed. Instead I joined a sort of home education "union". Education Otherwise was my first introduction to the HE community and while they didn't have much round this way the legal side of stuff was super useful. We are not members any more (it seemed like money I could spend on books) but as a newbie I really did appreciate it.

Dr Stuart Brown:

Stuart Brown's research shows play is not just joyful and energizing — it's deeply involved with human development and intelligence.
I will get round to reading his books at some point but if nothing else if you needed permission to play and have fun with your kids, here it is.
We are social animals and all social animals learn through play. So imaginary play, dress up, play music and board games.

If all that silliness sounds a bit too vulnerable for you

Brene Brown: 
Yes more TED but well worth the watch in my opinion. If you get embarrassed, or anxious a lot, maybe you are too "busy" to play? Too worried what the neighbours might think, you might have a vulnerability issue.

T.A or Transitional Analysis

While not strictly about home education if you are looking to change the dynamic or improve your relationships. I learned about T.A. from my mother when she went back to college while I was in my late teens. It was about that age (16) I started reading psychology/counselling books. From my basic understanding it has a lot to do with our own internal authority (you know that moment when suddenly you hear your mother's voice come right out of your mouth?) that we collect wholesale as a child. This become Parent. Our feelings (good bad and indifferent) become Child. Our thought, inner voice is Adult. It also is about power and control in any conversation. It is perfectly normal for a parent to Parent their child, or for a child to Child at their parent. Sometimes these two aspects become a power struggle leading to conflict.

"Do as I say because I say so"
"I feel too emotional/desire it too strongly to comply."

This struggle stops the adults and children working together. It breaks down communication and it becomes a battle of wills. (We haven't even touched on parent who Child to get their own way...)

Nation Geographic have some great shorts (like TED) too.

Home Education Methods

 I briefly wrote about some (and there are a great many more than I wrote about) home education methods. Doing your research on new (or new to you) home education methods helps you hon in what you do and don't want, allows you to add new ideas and "play" with education.


I wrote the piece in the link after I did a stint of researching motivation. My hubby is on the spectrum (Aspie) and motivation to do is something he struggles with. I want new way to motivate and help and I discovered I need to look at my own first!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy  changed our lives forever!

Hear me out!
In terms of craft stuff, art, ideas and randomly strewing (spewing is placing possible inspiration in your child's way and seeing what they pick up) for yourself I find it really great. From clay sculptures, to dog training or decoupaging her room (yes we did that) Pintest is a great parental motivational tool!
Inspire yourself, and it will be infectious!

I have read more books than I can remember and some of it sticks. The first book about children I read was called Wonder child.
It is quite hippy-dippy (but that's me) and it is also gloriously beautiful.
Speaking of is a wonder for book nerds like me (and children/teens who are also bookish). It has loads of reviews book clubs, forums and the like. You can easily fall down the bookish black-hole of interesting debates and ridiculous arguments (of course Elizabeth loved Darcy that was the whole point of the book!) find, re-discover and connect with folks that love reading.

Local libraries and book sales are great places to research and of course read. I tend to be wary because if I see the words "book sale" (our library was selling off books for 10p once) I know I am going to buy books and look at my groaning bookshelves when I get home. (I don't have too many books I don't have enough bookshelves, it's a thing).

Publisher's outlets

There are two that I know of but always explore! From new books, crafting supplies, and generally interesting weird stuff I'd rather be shopping here than almost anywhere...except...

Charity shops Thrift store.

 From old books, fabric, crafting stuff (you can buy bags of broken jewellery round our way) and the random factor you can find real treasure in these places (even bookshelves sometimes!)

Okay my brain has run out of tea. Hope some of this helps!

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